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Missions defined by law

The profession of the Industrial Property Attorney is to offer, on a regular and remunerated basis, its services to the public to advise, assist or represent third parties with a view to obtaining, maintaining, operating or defending rights. of industrial property, ancillary rights and rights relating to all related matters .

The services referred to in the previous paragraph include legal consultations and the drafting of private deeds .

No one is authorized to use the title of Industrial Property Advisor , or an equivalent or confusing title, unless he is entered on the list of Industrial Property Counsels established by the Director. of the INPI .

Unequaled expertise

the  Industrial Property Counsel supports natural and legal persons, companies and research centers in their Intellectual Property strategy . He participates in obtaining , maintaining and defending their Intellectual Property rights in France, Europe and throughout the world .





Qualified professionals

The title of Industrial Property Attorney is obtained on examination after a minimum of three years of professional experience in the field of Industrial Property and issued by the INPI .

The CPIs are agents with the INPI, EUIPO, EPO and OMPI.

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