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Recognized expertise

All the consultants of Cabinet AtlantIP have the regulated title of Industrial Property Attorney and have acquired significant professional experience in international firms of Business Lawyers and Industrial Property Consultants .



A pragmatic approach

Cabinet AtlantIP wishes to favor a frank, direct and trusting approach with its clients in order to provide them with rapid solutions.  and concrete advice on their various subjects. 

An international network

The AtlantIP Firm has an international network of local correspondents around the world, carefully selected for their skills, the relationship of trust with AtlantIP and their competitive prices.


The AtlantIP Cabinet has a very special experience and privileged relations with its Confreres in the United States, in Asia (China, Japan, South Korea) and in the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria). 


A clear, innovative and transparent pricing policy

Anxious to offer appropriate rates and to keep costs under control in the files, Cabinet AtlantIP strives to avoid invoicing on a time-spent basis and to always favor flat-rate invoicing discussed and validated upstream with customers.  

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